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4 blogs I read about front-end development

Apart from listening to various podcasts about front-end development, I also try to read some blogs and other awesome development resources on the internet. MDN Web Docs (MDN), freeCodeCamp, CSS Tricks and Flavio Copes comes to mind.

I like the freeCodeCamp blog because it has a plethora of various articles for all levels and tastes. I especially like to read anything related to front-end development. The page design is very minimalistic, so it’s easy to scroll and just jump to the things I like.

Another great resource is MDN Web Docs. It’s like a bible for me. I configured my internet browser, so it always shows up on a start. It’s a handy tool when I am working or learning new things about web development. MDN Web Docs primary focuses on front-end technology.

CSS Tricks is my savior when things get though with CSS. On top of it, the page was updated from the design perspective, so it’s slick and easy to consume.

Flavio Copes is a new discovery for me. His ability to put complex topics into easily digestible pieces is amazing. He mainly covers JavaScript but also talks about other front-end technologies. He writes books and makes courses. His blog looks rad!

These are four pages I try to consume every day. They provide knowledge and practical tips. It's not always possible to read it due to the amount of work, but when I get a chance, I read. That's the best way to keep up the pace.

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