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Front-end Development Podcasts I Recommend

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To work as a front-end developer is one thing, but to keep up with rapidly changing technology is another thing in itself. I try to keep up with the news by listening podcasts about front-end development. These small pieces of audio help me to learn, discover, and just feel the beat.

Here are my podcast recommendations for front-end developers.

Syntax – A Tasty Treats Podcast for Web Developers

Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski talk a lot about web development topics, their own professional experiences, and how they work in general. What I like about this podcast, that it’s thematic and doesn’t jump from one topic to another in one episode. Every podcast installment is a new trip, so there is plenty of opportunities to learn and broaden your knowledge on a particular thing. They cover JavaScript, its frameworks, work with clients, learning strategies, and much more. Co-hosts present topics in an easy manner, so it’s a pleasure to listen.


Front End Happy Hour

Bunch of engineers from Netflix, Evernote, Atlassian and Linked In talking about front-end development topics over drinks. It’s not that frequent like the Syntax podcast, but it has its own charm due to people on a panel being from big companies because they offer a different perspective and discussions over drinks are funny too.


the freeCodeCamp Podcast

This podcast was my entry to the programming world. I started to listen to it when I signed up for the freeCodeCamp platform. Every episode introduces a new guest and they talk about how they started in tech. The podcast was dead for some time (no new episodes). but it came back with fresh new content.


So that's my podcast recommendations. There is plenty of podcasts that talk about front-end development, but I focused only on a few. I believe quality beats quantity and there is no point to overwhelm yourself.

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