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Why I recommend Standard Notes

Last year I was on a mission to find a note-taking app that does not track its users (or is at least utter transparent about it), provides encryption, is an open-source product. And it didn’t take me long to discover Standard Notes

This note-taking app is a great alternative to corporate products like Google Keep, Microsoft OneNote or Evernote. Standard Notes has a very simple, but beautiful design, 29 additional extensions, is available for Desktop, Mobile and Web, keeps you 100% private and secure.


But for me, personally, the best feature of Standard Notes is Listed. It’s a new kind of publishing platform where author and reader has a more direct line of communication. I publish my articles directly from my Standard Notes app. Plus, I also connected my custom domain name with Listed, but I don’t need to worry about SSL certificate, because it’s provided by default. How convenient!

I also use Standard Notes to gather my thoughts and ideas. At the moment I have only 23 notes because I am very selective of what I write. I don’t want to over clutter my experience with random bits of nothing.


Th encryption aspect is also a big seller. When you type text in Google Docs, all that information is scanned by Google. When I work with Standard Notes, I know that I own the data and it’s mine. It makes a huge difference and allows me to be myself.


Standard Notes design is not overwhelming. The options are easy to spot and the layout itself is very simple. If you get bored by default design choices, you can change the way the app looks. For now, I am using Titanium theme and it looks a solid pick.

Extended Account

You can start with a free version and limited features or contribute to this great project and pay monthly, annually or more. A 5-year plan is interesting because it’s related to a longevity aspect. The creators of Standard Notes believe that our notes should be ready for the 22nd century and by supporting them, together we can build a long-term product.


Overall a great app with a lot of potential. Cares about user's privacy and safety. Has a simple and yet beautiful design. A true winner.

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