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Why I quit Windows 10 and chose Ubuntu instead

7th of March is a remarkable day for me. You see, I am no longer using Windows 10 Professional in my front-end development job. Thanks to Microsoft and JetBrains support, I am able to do my work efficiently with Ubuntu instead. Here are a few reasons why stopped using Windows 10.

Windows 10 is a bloatware

From random ads in Edge browser, News and other Microsoft's products to a bunch of apps I don’t need, that comes preloaded with no minimal installation option whatsoever, thanks, but no thanks! I would love to get rid of this “junk”, but as said, there is no choice. 

Ubuntu does it better because, during the installation process, I can choose the type of installation I want. Minimal installation option gives me a minimal desktop environment with a browser and utilities. The rest is for me to decide, so at least I have some freedom. Thanks, Linux.

Windows 10 is a spyware

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has released a report detailing how Windows 10 collects telemetry data on users. The biggest takeaway of this document is that the only way to get rid of this constant ‘surveillance’ is to use the enterprise version of Windows and choose the ‘Security’ telemetry level. 

Good luck getting that version of Windows, because it’s usually used by big companies. The normal person is left with ‘Basic’, ‘Enhanced’, and ‘Full’ telemetry levels on Windows 10, which log you anyway.

On the other hand, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, allows you to opt-out from the telemetry with no stupid levels, but just simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’. That’s a very convenient option and doesn’t abuse your privacy.

Windows 10 is plain boring

Windows 10 comes and stays the same. These Spring and Autumn updates are just cosmetics. On Ubuntu, I can change icons, themes, and the desktop environment. Every day I can start fresh and play with the way my system looks. All of a sudden computing becomes fun again.


There is a choice. You can opt-out from Windows 10. You can say no to bloatware and spyware. Are you willing to try?

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