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Why you should use Are.na?

I felt overwhelmed lately on the internet. The information flow is staggering and I feel like my ability to somehow hold ‘this’ information in my mind is weakening. However, I started researching how to organize and deal with all of ‘this’ digital clutter and I think I found a decent solution to my problem. Let me introduce Are.na!

What is Are.na?

It’s a visual organization tool that helps you to build collections (channels) of various ideas. Each collection consists of blocks and in those blocks, you can put images, links, files, texts, and more.  

Are.na it’s not only a tool but is also an online social network community used by artists, architects, and designers. I haven’t tried the social aspect of Are.na yet. 

Are.na is also an ad-free network with no ‘favorites’, ‘likes’, or ‘comments’ like Facebook, Twitter, or any other ‘crap’ ridden social network. It’s only you and your thoughts. 

How do I use Are.na?

Right now, I have five channels dedicated to various topics. All of them are private because I don’t want my channels to be seen on search engines. I haven’t tried the social aspect and never opened my channels for public use. However, I am planning to do that in the future with some of them.

I am also experimenting with Are.na tools. Bookmarklet ‘plugin’ helps me to add content to Are.na while surfing the web. Add via email ‘function’ allows me to send content to Are.na from my email address.

What do I miss in Are.na?

As I mentioned previously, the Android app would be great. The team behind Are.na says it’s in works. I hope they deliver before 2019 ends.

Dark mode should be available in settings, not by pressing ctrl + shift + I command. It’s not very user-friendly. 


Are.na is a great tool to organize your digital life. You don't need to be an artist to use it. Everybody can find a use case, you just need to try.

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