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Guess who's back?

It's time to start a new year, 2019! Ever since 13th of December, I was away from blogging, because of the workload at Swap Language. We have been very busy, working on a new platform and developing new features. I am so excited about project completion because the end is near. And that's how much I can talk about it right now. Everything is hush-hush :) 

But let's talk about other things. I want to share what I been up to for the past few months. A lot of things changed. I am no longer using Twitter because I stopped #100DaysOfCode challenge. I was lucky to get a front-end development job and simply had no time to continue. I wouldn't say that I got defeated, I just changed my priorities. Here is a list of things (or habits) I am pursuing these days:

  • Reading books
  • Coding
  • Writing
  • Exercise

These are my daily habits. I am not perfect. I fail sometimes. Somedays I manage to do all of them, sometimes not. It's not about perfection, but trying to do your best every day. 

Right now I am especially interested in Economics, so I am reading Thomas Sowell's "Basic Economics".  The book gives a great introduction to the subject. A lot of us are necessarily ignorant of many complex fields, and that's totally fine, but when it comes to voting and economic decisions, understanding economics becomes very important. 

As Thomas Sowell writes in his book, our only options are to be informed, uninformed, or misinformed, and I choose to be informed. 

As for the coding part, I am working on "JavaScript and jQuery" book by Jon Duckett. It's like my go-to bible. I work on code samples and new concepts. This activity perfectly compliments my work at Swap Language. I believe this book can help me to consolidate my knowledge about JavaScript. As soon as I am done with it, I will start learning React.JS

Writing is the hardest habit to build. Disorganized thoughts, spelling and grammar mistakes, perfection. So many obstacles. And yet I try to write. I believe you get better at anything you choose to do thanks to many years of practice. 

What about exercise? I stopped going to the gym due to lack of time, but I bought a yoga mat instead. I do some pushups and crunches at home. Every morning I go for a long walk. That's not very impressive but still keeps me active.

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