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A Different Approach

I have been inactive for a few days. I haven’t tweeted anything for the #100DaysOfCode challenge, because I decided to change my approach once more. I am not quitting anything, it’s just don’t want to tweet useless things all over the place and instead I want to focus on my own blog where I could provide more value to other people.

So from now, I am planning to write more detailed logs about my work. Somehow Twitter 140 characters are limiting me. However, I will not stop tweeting, but I will try to give more specific details about my projects.

Today I started working on a calendar system. The ultimate goal is to build a full stack application. The user should be able to log in or sign up and then connect to the calendar itself which consists of calendar, agenda, and chat. Here is a link to my work so far.

The idea itself is not a unique one, I got it as a part of the test for potential front-end position in some company. The team provided me with mockups and documentation, so I just had to implement it. That time I was focusing only on a front-end part, but this time I am trying to do the whole thing.

I will update you with my progress via Twitter and I will post some journal logs here. I am also experimenting with videos, but I haven’t opened them for a public use. That can wait. What’s important now is to focus and work on a project every day consistently.

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