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Front-end developer. Interested in IT, history and economics. The life-long learner.



You are probably wondering what this blog is all about? Well, I bought the .tech domain with an intention to write about all things related to various technologies. You see, I am a Web Developer and IT-technologist, but not with five years experience on my belt. I am just a recent graduate who wants to advance in his IT career, so I created this blog to solidify my technical know-how and share the things I learned with all of you!

At the moment, I am interested in Linux, front-end, open-source, IT security and privacy, so expect lots of tutorials, reviews, and other articles. I am not a great writer, nor do I am the coding star, but there is a drive in me to become a better developer every day thanks to #100DaysOfCode and #freeCodeCamp projects.

And that's pretty much it for now. I already started writing a short article about things to do after you install Debian (that's the distro I use) and I hope to publish it at the end of this week!

See you soon!


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